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For over 10 years we have been successfully using the pure water system with our numerous domestic and commercial customers. The advanced system uses pure filtered water and soft brushes to clean windows to a sparkling, smear free finish without the need for harmful detergents or chemicals.


Using the pole system we are able to clean up to a height of 60ft whilst keeping our feet safely on the ground.

Crystal Clean Window Cleaning are commercial window cleaning specialists based in Nottingham and covering the entire Midlands region. win

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Commercial Window Cleaning

We specialise in commercial window cleaning  up to a height of 60ft and offer a comprehensive professional service.

Our ladder-free system allows us to reach higher than traditional ladders reducing the risk of damage to buildings and reducing the health and safety risks associated with traditional cleaning.

We are able to offer a full inside and out cleaning service including cleaning of external cladding and panelling. 

We work alongside and are trusted by several large corporations that trust us with their wide and varied property portfolios.

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Solar Panel Cleaning with Pure Water
Solar Panel Cleaning


We also specialise in cleaning both residential and commercial solar panels.


A dirty solar panel can reduce its operational efficiency, ability to generate electricity preventing it from operating at maximum efficiency. With the high cost of installation it is wise to ensure that they are kept as clean as possible.

Using our pure water system and our soft brushes we can remove dust, dirt and bird droppings from your hard to reach panels to ensure that they perform the job that you put them there to do.

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Cleaning of upvc convervatory roof
Guttering, UPVC and Conservatory Cleaning

As well as windows and solar panels we are able to use the same pure water system to clean your UPVC window frames, guttering and conservatories.

Over time grime and mould can build up on these surfaces which can make them appear tired and dated. With our pure water system and some gentle bushing we can remove this build up transforming the look of your home or business.

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